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Hello, we are the Strahan's!  Stu, Kristy, Dakota, and MacKenzie. We sell Aussiedoodle and Shepadoodle puppies!
Stu grew up working on a farm in Grass Lake, Michigan.  He has always had a passion for animals that led him to want to open up a Pet Supply store in Spring Hill, Tennessee. While living in Tennessee, Stu worked alongside ,"Nashville's Dog Whisperer", and that is where his knowledge of dogs began to develop.  The Strahan's sold their Pet Supply business in Tennessee and relocated back to Michigan to be closer to family and that is when Strahan Farms began.

Kristy is a veteran dog groomer who has owned her business, Kristy's Grooming Services for over 20 years.  So as you can see we have a pretty vast background when it comes to dogs!

Dakota has been around the family business' his whole life and loves to help out as much as he can.  He currently resides in Florida where he runs several successful businesses and gets to enjoy the warm weather as much as he can!

MacKenzie graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Psychology. She currently lives in Howell, Michigan where she manages a family business called Fastest labs of Brighton.

The Strahan Family
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