Adult Aussiedoodles


This is Ruby. She is a multi-gen miniature Aussiedoodle  She has red ears and red mixed throughout her white coat. She also has 1 blue eye and a blue chip in the other. She is stunning!

Image 10-9-20 at 12.58 PM.JPG

This is Belle. She is a multi-gen Miniature Aussiedoodle. She is a blue merle with tan highlights. She is incredibly smart, very cuddly, and loves everyone! 


This is Mabel, sister of Belle.  She is a multi-gen Miniature Aussiedoodle.  She is a blue merle with copper highlights.  Mabel is extremely sweet and loves people! 


This is Tilly, she is a multi-gen Miniature Aussiedoodle. She is a blue merle with lots of white throughout her coat. She is a big fan of sticks and is always incredibly happy! 


This is Henry. He is a multi-gen miniature Aussiedoodle. He is black in color and a true loverboy. He would snuggle all day long if he could!

Image 10-18-21 at 3.26 PM.JPG

This is Ace! He is a standard-sized F1 Aussiedoodle, with beautiful tri-coloring.  He is known around here for being very fun-loving & friendly!

Image 10-18-21 at 1.30 PM.jpg

This is Daisy! She is a Poodle and she could not be any sweeter! She competes with Henry for the crown of biggest cuddler!

These are some pictures of puppies sent in from previous litters.  So Adorable!!

IMG_2268 (1).jpg
IMG_6113.JPG (1).jpeg