Adult Aussiedoodles

This is Ruby. She is a multi-gen miniature Aussiedoodle  She has red ears and red mixed throughout her white coat. She also has 1 blue eye and a blue chip in the other. She is stunning!

This is Pearl. She is a multi-gen miniature Aussiedoodle. She has beautiful blue merle markings with a white chest and feet and a striking blue eye! 

This is Belle, our newest addition to our family. She is a multi-gen Aussiedoodle. She is a blue merle with tan highlights. She is incredibly smart, very cuddly, and loves everyone! She will be having her first litter in Spring 2021.

This is Henry. He is a multi-gen miniature Aussiedoodle. He is black in color and a true loverboy. He would snuggle all day long if he could!

These are some pictures of puppies sent in from previous litters.  So Adorable!!

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