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Adult Shepadoodles


This is our retired male Shepadoodle, Gunner! Gunner is one of the friendliest dogs that you will meet, while also being incredibly loyal and loving. Gunner is a cream colored very curly coat F1B Shepadoodle.

Image 3-24-20 at 4.13 PM.JPG

This is our retired adult female Shepadoodle, Micah!  She was our very first Shepadoodle, and is the reason why we love this breed so much!  Micah's markings consist of a black body with a white chest, chin, and little bits of white spread out over her feet!  Micah is classified as an F1 Shepadoodle.


These are our newest Shepadoodles, they are both female and are F1's. Their names are Nya and Greta. They are so smart, love playing with all the other dogs, and are just so much fun! They will be having their first litters Fall 2021.


This is Maverick! He is our male F1B Blue Merle Shepadoodle. He is very athletic and loves to play! He especially loves to try to hide in the grass, apparently he doesn't know that he is 60 lbs!


Here are some pictures of previous Shepadoodle puppies that people have purchased over the years!!

Image 9-19-21 at 8.53 PM.JPG
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